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A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - SpecialEd - 02-03-2014

So in the long run, I would like to be my own employer. The plan is to have a business that is of course profitable but also conductive to my hedonistic lifestyle, (ie..a business that has me constantly surrounded with beautiful women.)Big Grin

Which leads to me to ask, has anyone here had success merging business and pleasure? It seems that there are quite a few prospective ventures out there that would enable an awesome lifestyle. Something along the lines of model photography, running a yoga studio, or event promotion.

One idea that has really caught my attention lately is starting an adult webcam studio. I had no idea it was so damn lucrative, $20-30K a month is typical. It boggles my mind that there are chums out there would to pay to chat with girls but I digress. The point is with a business like that, you could stack paper AND have easy access to a lot of 9s and 10s. There's a thread over at BlackHatWorld about a guy doing this in Cali, Colombia. Fascinating read...

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - yass100 - 02-03-2014

This business is best to earn profit and it can make your lifestyle wonderful.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - deb auchery - 02-03-2014

Loads of guys in Ukraine that work as photographers and bang their models

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Dash - 02-03-2014

That thread on BH is interesting as hell.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - SpecialEd - 02-04-2014

(02-03-2014, 10:12 PM)Dash Wrote: That thread on BH is interesting as hell.

I know, man. I was taking notes while reading it. The amazing thing is you don't need that much start-up capital, maybe 5-10k to cover rent, equipment and software.

If you search the web, there is actually a dearth of info about how to start a webcam studio. The reason being it's the only area of the adult industry that's still making money and the guys who are doing it like to keep the trade secrets close to the chest. It's probably not as easy as it looks on paper but I am seriously considering it as soon as I have some spare cash.

Deb: Good to know. Are these guys making money though? I could see a lot of guys going into the red just because they were having such a good time haha.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Dash - 02-04-2014

I cant believe dudes pay money for porn / webcams.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Seductionsextravel Sebi - 02-05-2014

This might be a really good deal. I mean, the amount of guys who is addicted to all forms of pornography increases like crazy so why not use this trend.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - G_global - 02-05-2014

only potential problem i can see is the likelyhood that mobsters show up and break your teeth for cutting in on their business. not sure how likely that is in Romania, the sexcam capital of the world, but in the Ukraine, maybe more so?

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Don - 02-06-2014

I've been thinking about doing something like this myself but couldn't find any info on the web. Good looks!

I myself am quite personable and I think I can sell it but don't necessarily know where or even how to begin. I would love to know the costs associated with building the site, as well as the online marketing and promotion.

Is buying and renovating a house/studio the best way to go about it, though? I feel like it'd be much easier to set up this business in a tax/porn friendly place and then recruiting cam models via the internet and having them cam at THEIR home. This could be convenient because you can pay girls wages that correspond to their home country. For instance, you can hire a girl from ukraine or philippines.

I am just brainstorming here, feel free to critique this but having a site where users buy a premium membership and can log in at any time of the day. I would have like 2-3 girls working at one time for maybe an hour or two and then just keep that cycle going for 24 hours. Maybe the incentive for girls would be to give them half of what the price would be to go private with a reasonable base salary. I just don't see the need to pay for a house full of cam girls and risk cartels and shady people. Perhaps the profit margin would be smaller, but it would be a helluva lot safer, more convenient, and the it would help lower the costs.

But then again the part scaring me is seo, online marketing, and configuring the site and all that bs. I could probably learn to do all that, but I'd rather have a professional which would cost a lot I would assume

This is what I pulled from another site

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

A domain name name (inexpensive)
A number of powerful dedicated servers that are reasonable distributed among your anticipated regions (thousands per month).
Purchase the appropriate software for your website, clients and performers or hire programmers to create your own (investment of thousands of dollars).
Hire a group of experts to put it all together and a number of engineers for maintenance (salaries of $50-80k/year).
Obtain a high-risk merchant account and payment gateway (high monthly costs).
Recruit performers.
Market your business.
Test and maintain your systems.

It seems to me that if you don't have 20-30k to start this then you may be shit out of luck. Id like to know the specifics of the which software and such and if there is a way to bypass having dedicated servers.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - SpecialEd - 02-06-2014

Don, I would partner with one of the established webcam sites. To build your own is a massive undertaking. The bandwidth would cost a fortune and you would need a full-time tech team to keep things running smoothly. By partnering, you share the profit but you get time in return and you don't have to worry about marketing. Basically, it frees you up to focus on recruiting models. The startuo costs for this are lower than any business I know of...

-Fast Internet Connection
-HD Web Cams and computers

About $10K when all is said and done
G-Global, I've read it's quite common particularly in Romania. Fortunately, in Colombia,it seems the cartels are too preoccupied with the drug trade to bother meddling with a measly $20,000 a month business. Big Grin The Blackhat thread I linked too actually talks about this in some detail.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Dash - 02-06-2014

The cartels you wont have to worry about, its the lower level street corner / bario gangs you will have to worry about. Who will be very much concerned with your "earnings".

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - SpecialEd - 02-07-2014

Colombians are a small people, I think I will manage. Would probably bring down a couple buddies to help manage things though. The important thing is to keep a low profile and choose the right location.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - perdidogringo - 02-07-2014

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but your business plan to start a webcam studio in Colombia probably won't work. I live in Colombia and have lived in Latin America for years. I actually have a friend who owns a 4 bedroom apt. in Medellin where he has run a cam business since about 2008. He's just scratching by and if he had any other (reasonable) employment option in Medellin, he would get out of it altogether. He makes, on average, about 100-200k pesos a day, after his split with the chicas and the major cam sites. That's if the chicas show up. They routinely fail to show up. I will admit that he has banged a lot of broads but most of them are in 6-7 range with an occasional 8. Many of these chicas are prepagos on the side.

Cam girls don't need a studio to do their thing any longer. Anyone with an average computer, HD cam, and even basic internet can cam from their bedroom. And most chicas know this now.

If you are an awesome salesman and speak fluent Spanish, you might be able to take advantage of some of the newbie chicas who don't know that they can easily set up their own cam site (and cut you out) or who can't work from home for whatever reason; however, they eventually figure it out and leave you out to dry. And if you think that it is easy to find attractive, young Colombianas to cam for you nowadays, you will be sorely disappointed.

By the way, I don't trust that guy at all in the link you posted. He is either a scam-artist or he is completely ignorant of the cam business in Colombia. I'm very very skeptical that there are many "cam studio operators" making 20,000 grand a month (in Colombia at least).

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - SpecialEd - 02-07-2014

Thanks for the heads up, perdidogringo. Some things though..

-A 4-bed apartment is very small scale
- Medellin is gringo central so there is more competition for models
-From what I've read, getting a high speed internet connection is not so easy in Colombia. You need at least a 1MB upload speed for an HD connection. I think many Colombian women would not have that.

I have no personal experience in the biz but I do know the it can be extremely lucrative. This Vice article talks about a Romanian webcam studio(with just dudes no homo) making $35K in two weeks. I can't believe the market fundamentals are that different in Colombia but I welcome your input.

RE: A Lifestyle-Orientated Business - Max - 02-08-2014


Do you know personally someone that has a webcam business ?

In my view so called "lucrative business" is often just a scam or one side story of poorly researched article - that does not tell you the full picture.

I am not sure what is you background in terms of business (education / experience), but the making money on line schemes - almost all of them stink to me.
Internet is just a medium need to have something that will give you the edge, provide you with leverage or give you the competitive advantage.
It takes time and effort to get anywhere and build that "SOMETHING", what ever that may be e.g. brand, product, expertise etc.
The many stories of "mr wonderful" written in many e-books how I could retire at XX are often misleading and based on assumptions that do not hold in real life. However nothing wrong by exploring opportunities....good luck.