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RE: Good tv shows especially on netflix? - SpecialEd - 04-06-2016

(04-06-2016, 05:47 AM)Rick91 Wrote: Best short movie ever made

Thomas Jane truly nailed that role. The new guy in Daredevil is good, but he's having to live up to a legend. Fucking loved that movie..

It kinda piqued my interests in martial arts. To be able to wreak that much havoc on a human'd be pretty cool.

RE: Good tv shows especially on netflix? - Rick91 - 04-06-2016

I thought the main Thomas Jane punisher movie was ok. He did good but the brutality from Dirty laundry wasn't there. It was a famous heavy rock musician who wrote and directed the short movie I think.

That's what's so great about daredevil for a superhero show they're pushing the brutality/realism to a degree/violence hard.

I can't quite put my finger on why the fight scenes are so good. It's like every move has a point. What Daniel Craig did for bond they do for Kung fu. They make it thuggish.

RE: Good tv shows especially on netflix? - Sexiback - 04-06-2016

TWD is just inconsistent, probably because there's writers writing episodes that don't even talk to each other. The main draw of the later seasons was for the viewer to find out if Rick was just becoming a complete monster, but they completely backtracked on that again lately. Same goes for his kid, who is psycho half the time but the rest of the time is looking out for others.

RE: Good tv shows especially on netflix? - Jesssmart - 10-05-2020

With the girlfriend I watch: TigerKing,Schits Creek, Survivor 20-40, Watching Survivor AU now
Me: Anime through , Westworld S2, Homeland S5-7. Also gave Money Heist a go, just finished S1 very impressed so far. 8/10