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Online dating messaging/chatting - mistersnort - 12-31-2014

I'm jumping back into dating dante\s inferno to give online dating another try. Anyone have good strategies for getting replies> meetiup> bang? I been experimenting with different things, but it seems trollish comments get the most replies.Big Grin

I really have no clue about this, its hard to show your normal confidence and game through the internet. Often what you say is irrelevent in real life, just saying it confidently, and cockily and having a strong opinion with a subtle smile is enough to usually get the girl in the west.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - Shanked - 12-31-2014

Tell them you are virgin.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - Rick91 - 12-31-2014

Iv been messing around on thaifriendly a lot as I will be in bkk a day or so before Cambodia.

I pretty much just make an observation about 1 of their pics, tell them my name and Seed the idea of a meet up.
You look cute when you've got pink hair.I'm Rick you look fun. Hope we can hang out sometime.

Then get their line or whatsapp and meet when you go there. Go for ice cream if it's the afternoon or a beer if it's the evening then make a excuse for her to come back to your room. If she's frigid it may require both an ice cream and a beer to get her comfortable. Will cost you 0-200 baht.

Online dating in the western world i guess a similar routine would work but your results will be pretty abysmal if your not a 7 at least and even then you will be banging mostly 5s,6s.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - MrBlueLight - 12-31-2014

I've been trying to push for immediate meeting on Filipino Cupid with limited success. Only a few girls are ok with meeting after about 10 message exchanges. I find most girls need some sort of comfort building even before I ask for their Viber or number. And contrary to what has been reported, I find that I need to use some text game in order to get them comfortable enough to meet. Immediately push for meeting with only logistic related texts usually just give me silence. Maybe I am doing something wrong, some advice could be helpful. This is what I usually message.

First message: Blah blah you look unique. I just recently arrived in the Philippines. You seem interesting enough to get to know. You better not be a lady boy or scammer.

Second message: MrBlueLight here. Good to meet a real lady for once!

Third message: Good to meet you XXXX, where in the Philippines are you at? I wonder if you are nearby.

Fourth message: That's close to where I am. If you are interested in meeting up, leave me your Viber or number so we can chat more easily.

When I get her on Viber, I go straight into getting her to come out to meet me. I just have a feeling that I am moving too fast and lost many potential dates along the way.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - nescio - 01-01-2015

Dude, that first message is so bad, you can't start a conversation with sucha negative tone

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - Sexiback - 01-01-2015

Da thirst is real.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - MrBlueLight - 01-02-2015

I am just using the Swooptheworld message template. What would you suggest?

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - decentfilipina - 01-02-2015

The first message seems pretty fine in my opinion. It's like you're challenging real girls to prove that they are real. Whenever a guy throws that message at me once when I was still on an online dating site, it gets my attention and laugh on it. I just tend to reply sarcastically but the conversation keeps going..
However, the 3rd and 4th message clearly shows that you are indeed moving too fast which might send negative impressions about you. Whenever a guy started talking to me about that after like 2-3 exchanging of lines/conversation, it's already a turn-off. It occurs to me that you're only after getting laid. So try build a connection by sharing stories of your life first.
and don't forget to ask about hers too!

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - MrBlueLight - 01-02-2015

That's what I thought. Gotta build more comfort first. 50Nations from Swooptheworld seems to get good results by moving the conversation super fast in the Philippines, but I cannot speak for the quality of the girls he banged. But I also find if I don't move fast, sometimes the girl just disappears. I know all the girls are chatting with a bunch of guys at once. They sign up for the site, go out with one guy, get pumped and dumped, and stopped coming back to the site. So if the guy doesn't get their personal contact fast, they might be lost forever, that that would be a waste.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - Shanked - 01-02-2015

Are these girls you are cold messaging or girls that have shown interest. If its cold go slower, if shes shown interest you can get number in first message.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - decentfilipina - 01-02-2015

Long and non-stop conversation for like 3-5 hours is good enough to get a girl's number without being obviously tagged as a guy who just want to get laid.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - MrBlueLight - 01-02-2015

3-5 hour non-stop conversation online with just one girl? That's crazy talk. I check the site once per day for like 15 minutes at most. I believe most girls are only on the site for a few minutes a day as well.

Most girls who showed interest to me or messaged me first are not the kind of girls that I am interested in. I am only interested in girls who look at least a 7+ on her pictures. So most of these girls are cold messages.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - decentfilipina - 01-02-2015

Lol. Or maybe less? Personally I am not too comfortable in giving my number immediately after 2-3 exchange of message. I only give out if I somehow know a bit about the guy already.

Well when I say non-stop maybe you could still have 2-5 min gap..or you may get her number after 5-10 mins of non-stop chat then have at least 3-5 hours of talking or chatting prior setting a meet would be nice if you could do it for like the next day or so.

Well, I think I am just being overly conservative lol

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - Shanked - 01-02-2015

(01-02-2015, 08:20 PM)decentfilipina Wrote: Long and non-stop conversation for like 3-5 hours is good enough to get a girl's number without being obviously tagged as a guy who just want to get laid.
Lol! While this may be your rules its definitely not required. If you spoke this long in texting she would probably think you are ready to marry her after the first meetup.

If cold messaging is your only option with girls you are attracted to, then either show interest or favourite and wait for them to do it back. Or cold message. Hey i thought you are cute etc.. *insert something to make her laugh*

Message 5, wait a day for response if no response. Then change message and message another 5. You are probably better off using Tinder or just meet in real life if this doesnt work.

When I was in Phils I joined filipcupid with probably over 200 chicks interest me but didnt meet any of them got some real weirdo messages. Some girls would write almost a page in the first message and say how they thought I was their soulmate etc.

RE: Online dating messaging/chatting - trevordd - 02-05-2015

I've used Tinder for my iPhone. It worked really great for me wink I've never used dating websites though. But my friend met his russian wife on the Kovla website. They are really happy together. So, online dating works really nice IMO