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What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-15-2016

I've always been anti-supplement. A well-rounded diet should cover your nutritional bases.

That said, I've experimented with a few lately with good results.

Vitamin D - This one is legit. I'm taking 10,000u, and I've noticed a big lift in mood. Also, my erections have become like titanium. Apparently, vit D boosts testosterone.

Probiotics - Living in Asia fucked up my gut for months. Doing a probiotic course got everything back on track. I now take 2-3 effortless shits a day.

Vit C - Taking a gram of this every day has kept me from getting sick the past 9 months.

How about you guys?

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Hicks - 01-15-2016

My desk looks like a makeshift pharmacy at the moment. I'm taking:

Vit C
Vit D
Zinc with Selenium
Omega oil
Glutathione (awesome for preventing hangovers)
Milk Thistle (again good after drinking)
Growth Hormone Booster

It'd be a lot easier if I could just get some TRT and juice myself to the gills.

In all my years of taking supplements the best advice I can give is never buy a cheap multivitamin. Some websites do good comparisons breaking down which ones are best value for the money and have high absorption rates.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-15-2016

Jesus...that's a lot. Must be a chore getting those down every day.

Yea - it's tempting to hop on the juice. Natural test levels are extremely sensitive to lifestyle.

Drink too much, eating too little, not getting enough vit D, etc...can all make your test plummet. You really have to do everything right to maintain high levels.

Still...I'd rather not be dependent on a little glass bottle for my manhood. That and I hate needles.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Hicks - 01-15-2016

I think my T levels are slightly above average normally but when I'm getting good quantities of Zinc, Magnesium, vit B and vit D they go way higher. I'd just be interested in seeing what I'd be like with TRT. I'm still the right side of 30 so it's not like I need it, but seeing the affect it had on some UFC fighters, it was crazy, like an injectable fountain of youth. Some guys became visibly bigger over night, gaining mass and becoming ripped. If there's a super potion out there I'm up for taking it, and it seems TRT is the closest thing available.

I also think I should have said that I don't take all of these everyday (Glutathione only before and after heavy drinking, vit C just for winter to prevent colds) and I'd probably take a lot less if I wasn't a heavy drinker.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Rick91 - 01-15-2016

I use minoxidil and finasteride because I don't want to go bald. Was worried about finasterides effects on sex drive however I experienced a total different reaction. My already strong sex drive increased. I checked it out and what I experienced is reported by about 1 in 10 men.

The DHT is converted from T and basically any DHT that isn't converted remains as T sending your T levels up. Some guys have to be careful. Same routine as steriods. Your T goes up and so does your estrogen. You may develop gyno.

I decided to go on it because basically everyone does over the age of 50 gets put on it for prostate related reasons at more than 5x the dose of what you take to keep hair and even they have like 1% reporting negative side effects.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-15-2016

Yea - I've fortunately experienced zero hair loss.

Either your follicles are sensitive to DHT, or they're not. Guess I lucked out...

I'm wary of taking anything that messes with my hormones. If it ain't broke, don't fix it as they say.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-17-2016

Have to say...

Vitamin D has really done a number on my sex drive (in a good way).

Just up'ing the dose from 5,000u to 10,000 this last week has been crazy. I need to get off a bare minimum 4 times a day now. My erections are so hard it's like trying to jack off a coke can. Must have been deficient...

Other bonuses:

-Need less sleep
-More mental clarity
-Not using caffeine as crutch to wake up anymore

I've changed nothing else in my routine. So vit D gets the credit.

Everybody ought to be megadosing it.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Rick91 - 01-17-2016

Yeah especially in scotland

RE: What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-17-2016

Yea, the funny thing is I live in the "Sunshine State".

But I think unless you're working an outdoors manual labor job with your shirt off, you're just not getting enough exposure.

I've been meaning to check out one of the local nudist beaches this weekend to see if there's any chicks worth bothering with...

Probably just lecherous old men...we'll see.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Rick91 - 01-19-2016

I'v decided to start on git D capsules. I got 250 of them each one 5000u. I'm definitely deficient. I get work 2 days a week and even then the sun just doesnt shine here.

In the mornings I just can't get up suffering from extreme lethargy. Motivation is down. I fucked my 100 day 1 fapp a day stint and destroyed myself yesterday. Got to day 7.

I will start again. I'm not measuring my don't till I'v done the 100 days so I'v got to get a handle of this shit.

RE: What supplements are you taking? - SpecialEd - 01-19-2016

^Dude, if you're sex drive is that high while being vit-D deficient...I pity any women in your proximity now that you're taking it. Big Grin

RE: What supplements are you taking? - 199flags - 01-19-2016

Zinc 50mg (not every day - it's good for male health)
Cordyceps cycled
Maca cycled
Ashwaghanda cycled
Vitamin C w Rose Hips
Green & Oolong Tea
1.5-2g of MSM sulfur upon rising

Also some other things sprinkled in from time to time. I do like Horny Goat Weed use here and there when getting laid. Makes it better in my experience.

If you work with your brain Gingko and Gotu Kola are good too.

I prefer to take everything in whole form. It's hard to do that with most vitamins

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Rick91 - 01-19-2016

Anyone any experience with kratom?

RE: What supplements are you taking? - Jesssmart - 05-10-2019

If you invest your money in good food then you dont really need any supplements. 
Though here is the list of the supplements I take from time to time
Omega 3
Multi (don't know why I take this really)
Vitamin D
More info on these supplements on