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best combination of weed and girls - nomadphilippines - 05-03-2017

which countries have the best combination of high quality legal weed for personal use and best nightlife/easiest girls?

RE: best combination of weed and girls - Hicks - 05-03-2017

I can't imagine many being better than Czech Republic.  It has the best combo of easy/hot girls in europe (outside of possibly Scandinavia) and affordable very high quality weed.  The most difficult thing is making the correct friends to get the good quality weed, but that's true anywhere.

RE: best combination of weed and girls - TideRide - 05-04-2017

When you say affordable- What do they tend to price a quarter bag of mary for?

NomadPhils may or may not agree but to me good weed is like 4-8 big tokes and I'm really high from it. The stuff in California is like 3-5 big tokes and a normal non-smoker (I've never been a regular smoker just a few times/year usually so a stoner may read it and be like man it takes me 10 big tokes on the good stuff to get really stoned) is faded man. Next best American strain was South Florida (it's really tropical there man so it probably helps) where it seems like 6-8 big tokes and you're done man. 

Zolo and Nomadphils are probably the ones to ask here-
Have you two ever smoked weed heavier than that like 2-3 big tokes and you're really faded? 
What kind would even do that anyway- like a really bad ass strain of hash? Or some super lab California shit thats like $500/oz?

RE: best combination of weed and girls - nomadphilippines - 05-04-2017

i was blessed with the most amazing tolerance.... smoked damn near every day for 10 years, the last 9 of it home grown quality and i still always got quite faded off one hit, even at the end all i needed was just 1... amazing

RE: best combination of weed and girls - TideRide - 05-05-2017

One toke a day Nomad? Are you messing with me man? Lol 

If you're serious what kind of stuff was it to be that powerful? 

Man it's hard to see how any serious stoner could use less than a joint/day. My best friend in school was a total stoner and smoked like 2 minimum and more like 3 or even 4 Js/day (of course the stuff wasn't California quality either- sometimes it was utter crap and other times fairly good but never Whoa man I'm flying in a space ship after being halfway through the first one on with his local stuff like that good ass California weed).

RE: best combination of weed and girls - Hicks - 05-05-2017

Quality shouldn't just be judged by strength. The type of high is way more important in my opinion.

Every year they have Cannafest in Prague where people can buy the best quality seeds...for "research purposes" and that means people have access to some rarer strains.

RE: best combination of weed and girls - nomadphilippines - 05-05-2017

not a day, every few hours

yes it was really good weed, but it had more to do with my tolerance.... cant explain it but ain't complaining either

RE: best combination of weed and girls - TideRide - 05-05-2017

Hicks what are the different kind of highs?

I've felt a bit different from every kind I've tried and aid guess I've tried maybe 15-20 different variations- biggest contrast was either spacey/light headed or sleepy/slowed down.

I prefer spaced out feel-It's kind of like how you feel when you're drunk on alcohol just before you black out (don't reccomend doing that with alcohol at all to anybody especially around dangerous stuff like cars, weapons, machinery, etc). The sleepy feel just slowed you down. I'd compare it to Cheech and Chong feel "Whoa man" vs. Bob Marley/Rasta- I'd rather be a West coast space cadet than a Rasta man looking at my shoes.

Is European weed comparable to East Coast USA stuff- you need about two average sized joints to get pretty stoned?

Like I said- that stuff they grow in California now and sell in dispensaries is STRONG. Most people could probably smoke a small bowl (probably half the size of a cigarette sized normal
Joint) and be totally faded from it. Hopefully dumb ass America will legalize it everywhere as its no different than drinking alcohol in my mind (it's probably safer and better for your health). I personally hate getting smashed on a bunch of hard liquor which is the way of life in fcuking Florida (such a toxic hangover-ugh)and would rather drink some good high quality beers and smoke some mary.

RE: best combination of weed and girls - Jesssmart - 12-07-2018

Weed and girls - actually a nice combination. I ate a weed browny an hour before the party . It took a while for it to hit me but I had a real body high. Never laughed so hard in my life.