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American Gods (TV Show) - JJ Roberts - 06-20-2017

Season 1 just finished

Exceptionally good !!!

Got me gripped from episode 1

Ian MacShane is great in it. Thought the other main character was just picked for his looks (he used to do modelling) but dude can act.

Great story telling. Amazing visuals.

Based on a book by Neil Gaiman (have not read the book).

Season 2 commissioned already.

My favourite new show since GoT and they have some similarities. Both based on books. Old gods vs New Gods. Fair amount of sex, violence and fantasy elements.

Check it out.

PS Bilquis's moves would totally work on you.

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - Zolo - 06-21-2017

I'll stick it on the list!

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - JJ Roberts - 06-21-2017

You will like it although they could have got a proper Irish dude to play the leprechaun at least (not faulting the actor who plays him who is great tho)

Bilquis would eat you alive.

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - nomadphilippines - 06-21-2017

can you give a one sentence non spoiler description of what its about?

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - JJ Roberts - 06-22-2017

Battle between the old gods and the new set in modern day america.

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - nomadphilippines - 06-22-2017

interesting concept, doesnt seem like an easy one to pull off in a non corny way but if they did it could be awesome, thanks

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - nomadphilippines - 06-29-2017

halfway through season 1, not my typical type of show at all (prefer real life type stuff) but definitely entertaining, ian mcshane is always awesome can't believe he isn't like the biggest cartoon star in the world with that voice

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - JJ Roberts - 06-29-2017

One of the pleasures of the show is spotting and working out which are the new gods and the old gods when we come across new characters.

Are they are god or not?

If so old or new?

And then trying to work out which one.

For example the weird scene in the limo at the end of ep.1 was clearly a new god - technology.

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - Jesssmart - 12-05-2018

It's great

RE: American Gods (TV Show) - Jesssmart - 07-26-2019

American Gods is a self explanatory title, it really isn't about magic but about Gods, how men make and destroy them and make them anew to fit the society they now inhabit. This book shows us how the gods might feel about it all, and what steps they might take to cling to their existence. And being about Gods, it contains the usual themes of love, betrayal and sacrifice.

Btw, what are you all using for free streaming?
I have recently downloaded Stremio app following these steps and was happy to find out how it is easy to watch whatever you want whenever you want