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Boracay - tomtheman12 - 08-29-2017

I am thinking of going to Boracay in November is it a good time to go? Also if I am looking for a girlfriend will I find one here or will it just be a holiday romance?
How long should I stay here in Boracay? As I have a month or so holiday. I am thinking of moving to live in Boracay or Phuket for 5 or 6 months next year
I have given up alcohol smoking and drugs but still like sex and rock and roll. I still like to sit in a chilled out bar or beach bar and watch the world go by and and go see a live band
Is it easy to date or find females to hang out with in Boracay as not the greatest at playing the dating game.
Is station 1 a good place to hang out and stay at as I do not want to be in the party part of the island as not good in large crowds or hanging around lots of drunk people?

RE: Boracay - whiteknightrises - 09-04-2017

I went to Boracay during Peak Season and stayed ~Station 2 mostly

It's really not that crazy of a place IMO

I think Station 1 you'd be better off bringing a girl otherwise it's pretty quiet

RE: Boracay - nomadphilippines - 10-04-2017

did you go? how did it turn out?

RE: Boracay - Skins - 12-25-2017

Just got back from Boracay. Had a blast! Beautiful island. Great nightlife. Plenty of hot chicks around. Mostly people on vacation so it's easy to get some drunken hook ups from the beach bars. If you're looking for a long term girlfriend then you should pick up one of the girls working at a resort, shop, restaurant, spa, etc. Lot's of cuties around and if you're there long term I'm sure you could shack up with one.

It's a very small island. There's pros and cons to this. The good thing is everything is pretty much walkable. From the far end of station 1 down to station 3 is a 15 minute walk. That's pretty much all the action right there. The bad part of this is there's nowhere to hide. If you want to juggle a handful of women there could be drama.

Here's my trip report if you're interested.