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Scammed in Philippines - NomadicLife - 11-14-2017

Hi All,
Need your advice on the scam I am facing. Met this 50 years old woman 5 months back in Manila. She convinced me to have sex without protection by swearing on her children and on her Jesus that she is ligated and would never get pregnant. Now she is messaging me that she got pregnant and she lied me about ligation etc. She told me she is diabetic and she did everything to have unprotected sex. Being stupid enough I agreed too. I hardly know her and even she told me then she would never like to get pregnant by one night stand with the person she didn't know well. Isn't a scam? But, she is not asking any money either.
I am not sure what's her motive. I wish she can go away from me and never ever contact me. What should I do to be at peace ?

RE: Scammed in Philippines - Zolo - 11-15-2017

This is a long game scam. I had a Pinoy do the exact same thing with me. Never asked me for cash either. She kept the act up for 2 years! I ignored her and then she reached out to my family. I ended up having to do a paternity test. It was bullshit.

A simple $100 paternity test with cheek swabs will ease your mind, but she's 50 man. I smell a rat.

RE: Scammed in Philippines - JJ Roberts - 11-16-2017

The answer to your problem is here

RE: Scammed in Philippines - Skins - 12-25-2017

Did you shoot your load inside her? If so, maybe you should find out if the kid is yours? Or if you don't care then just block her and move on. Personally that move would haunt me but it's up to you.

Your next move would be get a vasectomy so this shit doesn't happen again. Got mine done in Bangkok. Best money I ever spent!