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The New NNF Constitution - Zolo - 12-11-2012

Here ye, here ye!

It's time for a fresh start.

The extensive trail period in which this forum existed in a state of anarchy has come to an end. As we've all observed in the past few weeks, the tolerant moderating style on here is not working as it has been subject to much abuse by malicious individuals.

I originally set up this forum to deal with the deluge of emails, comments and messages I receive daily from other men asking for advice and info. When RVF restricted membership to one day a month, it created a massive spillover and I became even more overwhelmed with requests— especially with regard to starting a second forum. There was clearly a need, so the NNF was born.

I started this forum as a space where worldly individuals could to share and exchange ideas and information—not a place to bitch, troll and hate on others. Yet sadly, such behaviour has persisted.

Many of you have asked me to clamp down. For the integrity of this forum, I deem this to be a fair request.

Here are the new forum Rules.

Note: ALL PAST POSTS AND VIOLATORS RECEIVE AMNESTY. These rules ONLY apply from the 10th of December, 2012.

The Golden Rules

NNF isn't run by rules, per se. Rather, it is moderated by people who put themselves in the position of making difficult judgement calls.

Most of these guidelines are geared towards just improving the state of the forum through fostering a culture of cooperation and respect. Some of these guidelines are more prohibitive, however, and they function as rules.

The Rules

Unless you're a blatant troll, a three strike system will be implemented.

1. No trolling. Don't make posts that are inflammatory just to get people riled up. Substance is the key to not being labelled a troll.

2. Attack the message, not the messenger. Criticize ideas, not people.

3. Personal attacks related to someone's racial or ethnic background will not be tolerated.

4. All complaints need to be communicated privately using either PM or "Report this Post" feature. In the event of this, the offending post will be edited or removed, and the offending party will shall receive a private warning. If the behaviour continues, the member will be banned for a week, and upon a repeat incident, banned permanently. 3 strikes and you're out.

4. No pornographic, sexually offensive, sexually explicit, or objectifying material.... only kidding.

5. Respect the privacy of others. Do not post other's phone numbers, addresses, pictures, etc., without their permission.

6. Each NNF member may have only one account.

7. Blatant advertising will not be tolerated. And of course, NO SPAMMING. No commercial-oriented posts, and no flooding with useless content.

8. No RVF/RV hate threads. They're tiresome. I know some of you were banned off there and have a chip on your shoulder, but let's show a bit of class and work on the development of a good culture here.

Rules for Moderators and Appeals

1. A rotation system will be used for moderation, with a new moderator chosen every month.

2. Permanent bans of any member with over 20 posts will require the permission of the admin.

3. Leave out personal grudges.

4. Do not moderate against any posts or posters prior to December 10th, 2012.

5. If you have a complaint about a moderator's action, contact me. If I deem the moderator's action excessive I will consider an appeal.

General principles

Use descriptive subject lines and research your post. This reduces the chances of double-posting, and it also makes it easier for people to see what they do/don't want to read. Also, scan the subjects of the last several days' posts to make sure you aren't duplicating posts.

If any of you have any other ideas on how we can improve the forum, please share your thoughts...

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Confuclican - 12-11-2012

Great, I agree with it, awesome job.

As for how we can improve the forum. Zolo I am not a big fan of drama but some members have joined this forum just to cause it, in fact, a good number of them have openly admitted it on the other forums. I know you don't want us to talk bad about the other forum but they are constantly ridiculing members of this forum and coming on here just to attack them. I am sure you are aware of such members from the other forum.

Can action be taken to permanently get rid of those posters? Like personally, some will say I cause the drama but when I was away, it was Dash and Deb being attacked, then Mixx got attacked the day I returned.

I am not going to throw out names, but both you, me, dash, deb, and other members know that banning some fake troll accounts won't do much. As much as I hate to say it, others may need to periodically check up on the other forum to see what they are planning since they pretty much announce what they are going to do to this place.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Deb's Ukrainian Fetus - 12-11-2012

I'd like to apologize to both Zolo and Deb for my recent behavior on this forum. I hope we can all get along in the future.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Ryan - 12-11-2012

Nice mate, finally something to abide by. Need to be more careful now Big Grin

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Confuclican - 12-12-2012

Hate to bring back anything old but NN, why can't we just talk about women, travel, and what we like?

Like seriously, that is perfect. I talk about the kind of girls I like, ask where I can go in the world to meet such girls, and we all just get along and let go of old stuff. Why does every single thread I post have to turn into crap like I said months back on a different forum?

That is all I really wanted when I came on here, but who knows what the hell happened. Pretty sad when stuff you post on another forum follows you all the way here and becomes the topic of discussion.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Fistrane - 12-13-2012

NN is a guy I respect and I like reading about his adventures.

I like that he's trying to do his own thing. I happen to be an active member of RVF and I think most guys over there would like to see this thing succeed.

What I do know is that new prospective members that stumble upon this place and read through the forums and see all this ridiculous trolling going on, as well as some of the current members losing their shit every other post, are going to be turned off.

The only way this place works is if it's attractive and a bunch of whining, cursing, unnatractive attitudes is not going to let this grow.

In fact, forget "growth" altogether. This behavior is going to KILL this forum.

Why is this stuff going on?

Because unfortunately there are 3 or 4 active members and one recently banned member that attract trolls.

The reasons are below:

Dash - This guy is the biggest blowhard I have ever witnessed. Just his style of typing is aggravating. Almost NOTHING he has written has credibility, he was such a HATED figure over at RVF that new members reading his old threads talk shit about him. What's worse, the guy responds to obvious trolling with the lamest comebacks of all time.

IRT- This entity has made NN forum the laughing stock of RVF. There's really nothing that needs to be said as even these other 4 members shun him.

Bigbootylvr - The guy has the temper of a meth head on every roid known to man. His meltdown on RVF is infamous. His reasons for melting down are ridiculous when you consider he came over here and rubs elbows with some of the most discredited people on this genre of forum.

Deb Auchery - This guy is a classic example of someone who lies about their real life, who even lies about their appearance. He's pathetic in the worst way possible because at least Dash doesn't claim to be good looking (that I know of).

MiXX - In my opinion the biggest offender of all. He is broke but claims to be wealthy, he's short and fat but claims to be muscular and good looking, he claims to live in Miami but lives with his mother about an hour outside of Miami, he claims to fuck girls he doesn't, he's desperately insecure about his skin color and is obsessed with white girls more so than IRT and is as equally insecure, he's conned other members who wanted to learn from him, and he's plagiarized ideas and passed them off as his own. His whole Schitck is to go up and caveman a girl and hopefully get a makeout, this doesn't take skill or game, this is a numbers game that rarely gets him past 1st base. He is an Amalgam of all these other losers because he has hyped himself up as the ultimate ladies man when he is the ultimate fraud.

I'm sorry to say this because I believe in second chances but these key members are of such notoriety that letting them stay on this forum is akin to committing forum suicide.

The temptation for RVF members and lurkers to come over here and fuck with these chumps is just too great.

If this forum has any chance of surviving, let alone becoming a legitimate place to share knowledge, these members should be permanently banned.

I am emailing this to NN in case the moderator decides to shut it down and remove it, since more than likely, he is one of these 4 goofs.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - mistersnort - 12-13-2012

I think who ever is making all the accounts and posting all these similar looking threads pretending to be other members and giving no value needs to be banned, in fact whoever is in charge needs to IP ban the guy, and probably ban anyone from his entire city or geographical region, short of that this forum is going to go down bad quickly.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - The Boss - 12-14-2012

(12-13-2012, 11:49 AM)mistersnort Wrote: I think who ever is making all the accounts and posting all these similar looking threads pretending to be other members and giving no value needs to be banned, in fact whoever is in charge needs to IP ban the guy, and probably ban anyone from his entire city or geographical region, short of that this forum is going to go down bad quickly.

Done. "Fistrane" aka "Fisto" is an active member on RVF who has been watching this forum like a hawk to report back to RVF what goes on like some sort of cheap soap opera. Not only do I find this pathetic, but unproductive for both himself and both RVF & NN forum.

Fistrane aka Fisto is out.

There's a new Sheriff in Town - and no, I am not any of the big 6 posters you think I am. I am not here to share reports, data sheets, or my experience with women, so don't ask. I am here to oversee that the forum runs smoothly.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Dash - 12-14-2012

The Boss.


RE: The New NNF Constitution - Bagotell - 12-15-2012

Well done with the clarity on rules - lets hope everyone shows respect

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Technics - 01-27-2013

Attention Moderators:

Our old indian race troll is back under his 8th+ alias: CuriousTheOne. Same old clown back posting about non-stop race related issues.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - G_global - 02-10-2013

Constitution seems more than reasonable and fair. IMHO, if guys can't abide by something that basic, they should GTFO. Let's keep this convivial, as it should be when you encounter a colleague or compatriot at a night spot. Winning is not about competing against other guys, certainly not online.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - Technics - 04-22-2013

What happened to the moderators? The Indian Race Troll is running amok again under the "Greatest Gatsby" moniker. Please ban again immediately so the threads can get back on track. Thanks.

RE: The New NNF Constitution - RockingForever - 04-23-2013

I don't think we've got any mods and seem Mark isn't around either. The two mods that were appointed seemed to disappear after a week (one was blatantly Mixx who has gone AWOL and not sure who the other was).

RE: The New NNF Constitution - paulo - 06-06-2014

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