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007 Game's VIDEO library - Dance-floor game to SNLs
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Video  007 Game's VIDEO library - Dance-floor game to SNLs
I'll be posting here videos. Some will be short, to show dancing moves and body language, others will be longer, from approach to makeout or even further, it all depends on my wing and how much time he is willing to give me for filming.

I'll generally only put videos of chicks I banged or made out with, not just danced with, unless it's for a specific reason.

The haters / losers / negative morons are requested to send their hate comments via PM. The rest please post any questions.

I like this following video because after I put the girl down she jumps up and down from excitement. This is maybe five minutes into the interaction and 20-30 minutes before pulling.

In this video I dance with this one girl and as my back is turned to her another girl walks by and I just put my arm on the 2nd girl, while still holding the 1st girl. The 1st girl is not offended by this and proceeds by making out with me. I also take that thing on her neck and put it on my own neck. Always look for ways to make things playful and fun:

This next video is hilarious, I'm dancing with this hot Russian and then... look what happens in the end. She was attracted but somewhat reluctant, I wasn't sure why. This is the shit I have to deal with on a daily basis, mafia morons who are protective of "their girlfriends" who actually would much rather be fucked by me:

I have much longer and more interesting videos but they are hundreds of MBs and the connection here sucks so I have a hard time uploading them. I'll try shooting every night I go out so hopefully we will have dozens of these by the end of the summer. Just from the last three nights I have 7-8 videos of different lengths with different girls doing different things.

Enjoy. More videos coming soon.

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