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Official 2013 NYC Halloween Thread...
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Official 2013 NYC Halloween Thread...
Men, I am feeling so confident that I am going to put my condom on tonight...

Last chance if anyone else wants to come out and hit on 200,000 women in NYC. So far I have one definite guy going, and one maybe.

The one definite is 38, bad game, but he is real tall and can hold a conversation for a couple minutes. He is going in a bathing suit and a leather jacket as David Hassellhoff.

The "maybe", is my cousin who has really good game.

Zolo and Padrino, I get home around 6 usually from work. Going to turbo shower and shave my balls, and I will get back on the train or express bus.

If I lose you guys, I will 100% be at the PECULIAR PUB on Bleeker. That is a really good pregame spot, and usually a ton of chicks.

They usually let you drink on the streets on Halloween, and they close off MacDougal and Bleeker, but just watch out. I might just get on the train with a coffee cup with vodka. Last time I went I saw people drinking and joined in.

Zolo, I got your number. The closest train stop is the W4th street station, almost every train stops there. As soon as you leave the station you will be like "wtf", cause that is right in the heart of all the action.

THey said the rain is delayed to Friday now, so should be alot of NYU chicks out.


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10-31-2013, 10:32 AM
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