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ATTN: New Members and RVFers,
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RE: ATTN: New Members and RVFers,
(05-25-2019, 01:27 AM)Ulysses_Grant Wrote: Mark, I suspect it will pick up, given Roosh's turn to Christ:

Don't know how much Roosh bashing you'll allow on here, but, my takes on Roosh are that:

(0) I appreciated Roosh's travel forum, and some of his advice, particularly on "travel game". His observations gaming in certain foreign countries are insightful. 
(1) the dude was asking for trouble when he posted articles arguing for the legalization of rape. Was it "merely a joke"? It wasn't obvious to me. You add that to the tone in all his other posts, where it's always women who are bad/dumb/wrong, and you can see why he would get haters. Then he tries to present himself as a victim. 
(2) I always felt that if Roosh was born a woman, he'd have been a raging, holier-than-thou feminist.
(3) The turn to god isn't that different. He was always judgy, and now instead of castigating modern women for being fat and not hot enough, he's judging us for having casual sex. The man has always had a black/white view of things. 
(4) His embrace of Trump was always a bit fishy, and another marker of Roosh's third rate intellect. Roosh's parents are precisely the immigrants Trump wants to send packing. Call Roosh a self-hating Turk. Trump was never going to be good for the US, good for men or even good for the Republican party. The man is simply too stupid. All he has done is provoke the #metoo movement and emboldened feminists, who are now frothing at the mouth from T, and he's also gonna give long-lasting life to the democratic party as the reaction to T is coming. 
(5) A further evolution will come if Trump ever has a daughter. He will probably rethink his belief that his own daughter should be limited to staying in the kitchen and waiting on a man all day, particularly with all the faults of the average modern man, and that his daughter isn't fit to study, become a doctor, or have any career ambitions except to raise kids.
11-05-2019, 05:44 AM
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