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Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet
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Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet
Cartagena, Colombia

[Image: cartagena2vf8de0.jpg]


Cartagena is a colonial gem on the coast of Colombia. It is home to some exotic looking women and gets a ton of tourists!

Check out my Colombian trip report here

The Girls

Very solid. A good mix to from black all the way to white.

Where to stay

The first choices for lodging would be in the Old City or around Bocagrande. For the budget travelers look for places in Centro and Getsemani. My advise would be to rent an apartment. You will get more for the money and will also not have to worry about being able to bring girls back to the room or paying extra. I stayed in the hostel El Viajero mostly due to money constants.


Apartment in Laguito for $50/night -

Juan Ventura -

Mery Salence -

Cheaper options:

El Viajero
Hotel Playa in Boca Grande
La Pirata
Hotel Marlin
Hotel Holiday
Hotel Porvenir
Hotel Las Vegas
Hotel Crisor
JAIBA- love hotel you pay by the hour

Tourist Things to Do & See

Outside of the walled city itself I didnt really do much in this regard. I did go play poker at night at some casinos in BocaGrande.

Castle of San Felipe
Puerta del Reloj (The Clock’s Door)
Playa Blanca
Isle de Rosario
Baru Islands

DayGame Spots

Went to the malls quite a bit. Solid eye candy and potential. Go grab some lunch on Avenida San Martin and watch the hotties roll by!

Castellana Mall
Caribe Plaza
University Buenaventura
Plaza San Pedro
Plaza Domingo
Parque Centenario
Avenida San Martin

Nightlife Spots

As I was saying Cartagena is alil to touristy for my tastes. Most of all the popular places in the walled city and outside in the Getsemani area will have a high concentration of gringos and pro's. I checked out most of these places and was not impressed. I was like there has to be some authentic nightlife spots in this damn city that doesnt have other tourists. I asked the young Colombian workers at the hostel and they said there was nightlife @ La Castellana (area in & around the Castellana Mall) I struck gold with that intel! Very lively area with ZERO gringos! Fuck yea. Went to this one club called Casa de Cerveza but it was mostly tables with groups talking and a few dancing salsa. I bounced and went outside to a food stand and asked some girls where I could go for some reaggeaton dancing and they pointed in a direction and said Green Room. So I got to walking. Turn the corner around the mall and bam I see and hear it. Line already out the door! This is the best club in the area imo! Its on the second floor of some building on the other side of the mall! Lots of hot girls and booty dancing to be had here! I also want to mention Cafe Del Mar. This is a great place to bring a girl at night. Romantic setting with live music.

The Green Room - Castellana Zona
Casa de Cerveza - Castellana Zona
Mr. Babillas
Cafe Del Mar
Cafe Havana
Tu Candelas
El Escandalo
Av. del Arsenal in Getsemani
La Tarzana
Hotel Santa Teresa rooftop bar/restaurant (great view over the city)

Strip Clubs & P4P

This was the highlight of Cartagena for me. Well, provided me with the most entertainment! lol First night in Cartagena after playing poker I decided to walk up to the world famous p4p bar called La Dulce Vida. Man there was some stunners in there. I had one beer and chatted up a few girls before going out with some other tourists from the hostel. One of the nights I went to Babillas and it was dead so I was like fuck this Ill go to Pleyclub (strip club). I was not planning on paying for any ass but I got in there and started drinking and talking to these girls from Medellin. One was real nice and hot and finally hit me with the question do you wanna go to the back room. For some reason I just couldnt resist. The damages were pretty steep but fuck it I had room for one paid ass in the budget. Here is some pics I took. Real cool chic, have her on my facebook and still chat with her from time to time.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1015]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1016]

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1017]

My routine was to go to La Dulce Vida to pre-game and try to shore something by 11-12am then bounce to one of the regular clubs. So I build up some comfort with a few girls there which would pay dividends when I returned from Quilla and Santa Marta. When I arrived back in Cartagena I decided to hit up the after hours p4p club called Elektra. This place was awesome! It was dead at 2am but come 3am the girls started to pour in. I saw my LDV girl from Bogota I had been chatting with the prior week and we made plans to meet at the beach the next day. Went out to eat, chilled at the beach, and afterwards she wanted to go bacl to my hotel but I told her I was at a hostel so she invited me to her apartment in Bocagrande. (many of the p4p girls share apartments while they are in town working) All the time I put into this girl paid off as I was able to seal the deal sin dinero.

La Dulce Vita

Final Thoughts

Cartagena is a really cool city. Very touristy though, but I guess one city in Colombia can be like that. Nightlife is pretty dead during the week, so thank god for strip clubs and p4p bars! Oh and one more thing don't let those lil street hustlers walk around with you and give you a tour! They will hound you for money.
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Los Mas Suelto

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RE: Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet
Thought yall might enjoy the view from the girl I shored in Cartagena.

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08-30-2012, 12:15 PM
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RE: Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet
dude, agree with your assesments and i will do write up about cartagena, but in has become p4p city tourist run over shit hole
so for run of the mill gringo dropping from nowhere in cartagena, all you can expect is low 3-6's or p4p.

if whores are the deal cartgena is paradise as all colombians from interior come to party there and lot of chicas
to sell their ass, thus this apt sharing mentality. you ask the chick, why your in cartagena ? publicity LOL

yes mr babillas, candelas has non p4p but tough to get the upper class no so dirty holes.

09-10-2012, 01:41 PM
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RE: Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet
I'll bet a million bucks you've never even been in Cartagena! You are such a f'cking liar kid. Let's face it, you are compiling information from several sources and posting them here as YOUR facts when indeed they aren't. How the mods haven't banned your fake ass yet is beyond me. C'mon, just last week you claimed to be in south korea! and on and on.
09-10-2012, 02:06 PM
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Los Mas Suelto

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RE: Dash's Cartagena, Colombia Sheet

I guess you missed the live trip report I posted with this on Rooshv.

Hell, even posted pics of me fucking a stripper.

Stop hating and jockin my dick. Make yourself useful and drop a data sheet on Medellin or some shit.
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