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007 Game: Ayia Napa - Night IV
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007 Game: Ayia Napa - Night IV
[Image: Bond-300x187.jpg]
It's 3:30 AM and I'm walking back to the city center. I'll go to Soho again. I'm not even considering calling it a night, no fucking way. But damn - I'm pissed.

It is the fourth time this happened to me, in four nights. On each and every night here in Aiya Napa I end up with a girl either outside of my hotel, or outside of the girl's hotel, but cannot seal the deal. On one night it was all my fault, the girl didn't let me kiss her but I stayed in anyway. But on the other three nights - all the signs where there, heavy make-outs, a great connection, a long interaction - but no close. What the fuck is wrong with these girls? Or is it me? I've done everything right this time. At least I think I did. I've never been so angry in the entire time I've been doing this "game thing"... I'm raged. I feel like punching someone. I jump kick a bench and really hurt my leg.


The alarm goes off at 23:00. I hate waking up from these disco-naps, it is the hardest kind of wake-up. It's so easy to give in and just go right back to sleep: it's late at night anyway and simply staying in bed would carry you to the morning. Nothing forces you to wake-up, no work you could be fired from, no expensive plane ticket that would be lost... it's just another night out, you've done hundreds of them and there is always tomorrow... it's so easy to say "fuck it" and just go right back to sleep.

I pull myself out of bed anyway. It's gonna suck for the next 30 minutes until I fully come out of this coma. But I know it's going to be worth it. Nights out after a good nap are always great. Everyone will be fatigued, sleepy and sloppy. Everyone but me.

Tonight I'm in especially good mood because I wrote three new posts for the blog and they came out great. One of them details my new method - 007 Game - and putting it in writing like that had helped me realize better what I was doing. It also helped me see what I could do better and what I've been doing wrong. I'm excited to go out tonight with all these new realizations. I'm going to test everything out and see if it really works... Or maybe I'm full of shit like most people out there? we'll see.

"007 Game" is essentially my method of converting dance-floor game into a SNL. It's effective in places such as Ayia Napa where there are tons of people and massive clubs. I elicit or respond to approach invitations and use quick dance-floor escalation to get very physical with a girl. If she passes my "checklist" and it seems that she is DTF, I'll stay, pull out of the dance-floor for a chat and connection, then back for some more dancing, and will eventually try to pull. If the girl fails the tests I'll eject and look for a better candidate. I call it "007 Game" because it's best done when flying solo, it's quick and aggressive. More on that in one of the next posts.

I arrive to Club Castle where I spent most of the previous nights. The staff and the regulars know me already. They let me walk in for free even after the 12:30 cutoff time (they don't stamp). I walk in and see a few of the girls I gamed the previous nights. Some of them say hello, some of them wink at me. They all know why I'm there. I circle the club a few times, warming up. The place isn't full yet but within 20 minutes it will be packed. I order a drink and embrace myself. It's going to be another crazy night. I finish my drink and shift gears - lets check this method of mine... lets see if it really works.

15 minutes later I'm hot and heavy with a great girl. She's thin, very good looking and is a great dancer. In one of my rounds around the club I smiled at her real slow, making sure that she'd notice me. I've also ensured that she'd see me dancing with another girl. When I finally approached her she opened up as if she was expecting me. She probably was. It's all part of my method and damn - it works.

We dance and slowly shift to higher and higher gears.

There are two types of people who dance in clubs - the average club goers who just jump around in varying degree of skill, and then the other group, guys and girls who are dance enthusiasts and professionals. I belong to the second group, the enthusiasts, and sometimes girls even confuse me with being a professional. As I've written in another post - almost every single girl I dance with tells me that I'm a really good dancer and many ask me if I studied it.

So this girl, too, is an enthusiast. We start with social beginning-of-the-night dance, not so different than everybody else. But within minutes it's a dance off and all hell breaks loose. We go NUTS with each other. For the next three hours we tear the dance-floor apart. We dance everywhere, moving from one area of the club to the next, leaving people everywhere wondering who the fuck are we. We're pornographically making out on every hard surface we can find - tables, speakers, benches. We sweat like animals and both her dress and my shirt are completely drenched. I do things with this girl that I didn't know were in me, at one point holding her horizontally behind my back, like they do in salsa competitions. I have never done it before and I have no idea how I pulled it off. Everybody were looking at us and I mean EVERYBODY. When we walked in the club people smile at us and gave us way. I told myself that it is one of the best nights of my life no matter what will happen, even if I don't close her.

But why wouldn't I close her? All the signs are there - we're having a great time together. We're not only making out, we're almost fucking right there on the dance-floor. She lets me cup her tits, cup her ass, push my hands under her dress... all on the check list of my method. She only stops me when I try to finger her but that can't be a red flag. Or is it? After all - we're in the middle of a club.

But there is one thing we aren't doing and that's... talking. We've been dancing for hours and didn't exchange a single word. It started as a game, when we were flirting with each other through the dance. But now it has become a "thing" between us. Dancing and hardcore make-out... but no talk. I assume she's Russian and that her English isn't very good so probably that's a big part of it. Also the club is ridiculously loud. In the previous nights, whenever I wanted to have a conversation, I pulled the girl outside. But tonight I'm testing my 007 Game method so no talking suits me fine. All the other signs are Green.

But there's a whole other level to this story... and it is a little hard to put it in words. We were not simply dancing and making-out with each other randomly, in chaos. From the very first moment our dance was a flirtatious battle: I dance around her, giving her my back. She circles me and does the same. She does some move, expecting me to mirror her, and by doing so - supplicating myself. I don't mirror her but instead offer a move of my own. She takes my move but changes it. I walk away from her, making her chase me. She goes after me but then breaks away and makes me chase her. And this went on and on and on for almost the entire night.

Maybe some of you are thinking that I'm nuts and that it was all in my head. Believe me, it was not. Such serious non verbal flirtation is part of every dance but most guys are unaware of it. If you have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about you should check-out the famous dancing scene from the movie The Thomas Crown Affair:

If you haven't seen the movie - you should. In it Rene Russo is playing an insurance detective who is on the hunt for a stolen painting. The clues quickly lead her to Pierce Brosnan (another Bond...) who is portraying a rich playboy who has absolutely everything a man can ask for and so he gets off by all kind of crazy thrills. Stealing art is one of them. They of course fall in love and during this dancing scene kiss for the first time.

The movie is a battle between a very powerful man and a woman in which the winner takes it all. The dancing scene is a metaphor for this power struggle and tension, which eventually explodes in a steamy sex scene. This film was one of my ex's favorite and she forced me to watch it many times, and I know many other girls who love it. Such level of flirtation and sexual tension is every girls' dream. But most guys aren't aware of it and life isn't a movie. The dance-floor is maybe the only place in which a man and a woman can get into such a dynamic and play-off each other so dramatically.

So in this scene you can see what I mean by "dancing flirtation". But what you see in this clip is nothing compared to what me and this girl were involved in. We were going at it for literally hours in both dance form and the actual make-out: I bite her neck... she bites mine. I back off.. she chases me. She then backs off... I must chase her back but then look at some other girl to compensate. She gives me an angry look, comes to kiss me but backs off as "punishment"... and so on and so on... it went on for hours. We were toying with the tension and with each other and we loved every second of it.

At some point I decided to make my life towards a pull easier and buy us drinks. I pull the girls' hand to the bar but... she pulls me back. the Red Light alarm goes off in my head... this is not good. We continue dancing and about an hour later I walk alone to the bar and order two shots of tequila. I bring them to a table we're dancing next to and drink my shot but she refuses to drink hers. I drink her shot but keep it in my mouth and then come closer to her. We kiss and I try moving the tequila from my mouth, to hers. I've done this move several times before on other girls and it never failed. But this girl quickly backs off and gives me an angry look. Doesn't matter... I do some gesture to correct the "mistake" and we keep on dancing.

Around 03:00 I pull the girl out of the club. Finally, we speak for the first time. My suspicion that her English is not very good is confirmed but we can still communicate. I say something about "my room" and she says something about her hotel. We start walking away from the club and party square towards the hotel area.

We arrive to her hotel and she cuts into it. I try to pull her away, in the direction of my hotel, but she refuses. I initiate the regular tactics... "my hotel is right there" "two minutes two minutes...." "we won't sleep together... I don't know you good enough". But as in the last three days - everything fails. We're outside of her hotel's lobby and she tries to sit me down next to her on some plastic chair but I refuse to do so. Enough with the games... I decide to put all the cards on the table and go with a direct question: "what's the problem?" She looks at me and says: "You"

Me. Of course me. Who else? I've been having a feeling that in the last few weeks I've been OVER gaming. In bar game, day game, day2 situations - this isn't a problem. The girls get to know me and my vulnerabilities, my silly side, my clumsy side... I'm much more "human" to them. But on the dance-floor my game is tight, my touch confident, my moves smooth - it all screams extreme experience. And only few girls don't mind being a "number" to a player. They're all looking for that serendipity "it just happened" experience. With me they know that it didn't just happen - they feel that I know exactly what I'm doing and that it's all just too good / smooth to be natural.

And now again, for the fourth straight time in four straight nights - I'm at a hotel's lobby unable to get the girl to my or her room. SNLs don't come easy... even the best guys can't pull them off every single night. But please... this is too much.


It's 3:30 AM and I'm walking back to the city center. I'll go to Soho again. I'm not even considering calling it a night, no fucking way. But damn I'm pissed.

What the fuck is wrong with these girls? Or is it me? I've done everything right this time. At least I think I did. I've never been so angry in the entire time I've been doing this "game thing". I'm raged. I feel like punching someone. I jump-kick a bench and really hurt my leg.


I arrive at Soho, take out money from my pocket as it isn't a free place, and slam it on the counter. The guards look at me and wave me in for free. Maybe they could see how pissed I am and felt bad for me.

I walk into the club, still raged. All girls suck... I revert to a theory I developed many months ago: girls aren't really looking for an equal. Sure, they want a "real man" who knows what he wants from life, who is confident, who has goals and ambitions, who is not afraid of anything but who also has a soft side... bla bla bla. We all know this. But my theory is this - ultimately they're all still interested in keeping the upper-hand in the relationship. They're looking for a strong man but one on which they would still have a slight edge over.

I walk around the club and see loser after loser chatting up with a chick who is totally tooling him. Eventually, when these girls will assume complete control over these men - they will bang them. They let men get their body but only after making sure that they will get everything else - the upper hand in the relationship.

I take out my phone and starts shooting away, every single couple I see. This guy is leaning in. That girl is leaning back. That girl has her arms crossed. This guy is facing the girl, but the girl isn't facing him. That guy is slouching... I look around and all I see is proof to my crazy theory. This can't be happening... I don't want to believe in it myself. Are all girls really that bitchy, are all men really so weak? I see one couple who isn't like that: the man is facing the girl, the girl is facing the man, they're both equal in all other aspects of their body language and energy... it looks like they both have an equal amount of power in the interaction. That seems healthy. But all the rest? Pathetic and sick. Or is it just a reflection of my own negative pessimistic point of view?

[Image: IMG_20120908_005122-300x225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120908_005438-300x225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120908_005143-300x225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120908_005236-300x225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120908_005248-300x225.jpg]

[Image: IMG_20120908_005131-300x225.jpg]

Fuck that shit. I'll never be like that again.

I put my phone back in my pocket. I continue with my round. But how can I expect anything good to come out of this night, in the state I'm in?

And then I see her.... an angel in black. She's tall, taller than me by at least 6-7 cm. Slim, a model like face, a perfect body in a tight dress. I think I'm in love.

I walk straight up to her and we're face to face. I smile at her and start dancing. Just like the previous girl she too immediately recognizes me as a serious dancer and by extension, probably a player. We start dancing together real slow and I get closer to her face. She doesn't flinch, instead staring at me, giving me a "who the fuck do you think you are?" look. I take that look and double it times a hundred. We both feel it - it's on.

We continue dancing and just like before our dance is full of flirtation, meaningful gestures and innuendos. Smiles, looks, body and hand movement. We talk in body language. After a few minutes I go closer for the kiss. Closer, closer, closer.... she moves away in the last second. We dance for about an hour or maybe more. She doesn't let me kiss her but almost everything else is OK - she lets me cup her ass, her tits, run my hands up her skirt but not over her underwear. "007 Game" checklist - check, check, check. All systems go.

I pull her from the dance-floor to the bar and ask for her name. She gives me a "no" sign with her eyes. Again, I'm not sure if she doesn't want to speak or is simply unable to. It's 5 AM and I've been through this already tonight... I can't believe it's happening to me again. I order us shots of vodka and we dance some more. As usual I come up with all kind of crazy dance-floor moves... I take her to stand in front of the massive air-conditioning and the cold air blows her hair away. I play with it and run my hands all over her body. I try to kiss her again but she again shoots me down. I know what this girl needs... more alcohol.

We go to the bar again and I order for us double shots of vodka. The bartender gives me the glasses without lemon. I push the glass into the girls' hand and down half of my vodka as if it was water. She looks at me shocked. I wait for her to drink hers. She drinks a little but can't take it so I ask the bartender for some lemon. We both finish our drinks.

At some point my girl goes to talk to her friends. They all come over to me and one of them, an older guy, starts talking to me in Russian. I tell him that I don't understand a word and then he tells me in English that they will come to take her in the morning. I'm not sure what the hell is he talking about but I think he just said that my girl, whose name I don't know and with whom I didn't exchange a single word - is going home with me.

I pull the girl out of the club and she walks behind me. I can't believe this is happening to me... this girl could be a model, she's incredible in every way plus the no talking which is ridiculous. And she's now coming home with me.

A cab is parked next to the club and we jump right in, even that it's just a 10 minutes walk. We arrive to the hotel within a minute and walk up to my room. I throw the girl on my bed and again try to initiate a conversation, as I've been trying to do several times. She shakes her head left to right... no.

I start to undress her and I'm in heaven. It's been a ridiculous night. It's 6 AM, completely bright outside, I'm pretty much drunk and there's a beautiful girl in my bed.... We're both naked and I go down on her. It's not something I normally like doing to girls I've just met but this one is different. She's a fucking angel and if I could I'd be eating her for the rest of my life.

We make love, twice. We play with each other and can't stop kissing. We still didn't exchange a word. I could leave it like that... it would make a great story. But fuck the great story, I need some real communication. I pin her to the bed and fire questions: "What is your name? Are you from Moscow? What is your favorite color? How long are you here for?"

Finally, she breaks. She understands everything but finds it very difficult to talk. Her name is Nadja. She's from outside of Moscow. A lawyer.

We talk some more but after some time I fall a sleep. I wake up maybe a minute later and she's dressed. I'm angry... why is she leaving? I pull her back to the bad and we get naked again. Round three.

At 8:30 we go down for breakfast and she is trying to figure out how to get back home. She calls the friend and says the word "Taxi". I tell her that I have a car and that I can take her. It turns out she's staying about 20 minutes from Aiya Napa and I end up getting back to my hotel only at 10:30.

I crash into the bed. Damn, my method works. Now all I need is to perfect it.
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RE: 007 Game: Ayia Napa - Night IV
Very entertaining post! I was able to relate and connect as a reader with your post when you mentioned the pre-game naps. The ones where you can say fuck it and go back to sleep, but get up and fight.

By the way, I hate fucking at 5:00am, I an so fucking tired from gaming all night I generally suck in bed at that time.

I always try to be having sex by 2am, if even posible. 5am post-club sex is fuckin awful, tired hurry up sex!

A lot of your success Or lack thereof depends on the local culture too. So don't beat yourself up too much; I'm also a huge SNL addict like you, and aside from skill, you need LUCK on your side.

I've also been accused by women for being too smooth and seductive, and I had one two nights ago flat out ask me if I am a professional seduction coach like Hitch!

I still banged her, but on our 2nd night Sad

Girls want a smooth man, but they still want to feel that your smoothness is not incredibly sharp and it has flaws; this makes them feel they are not being Lured in by an expert
Level player and just an innocent guy they like enough and trust enough in one night to have sex with.

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RE: 007 Game: Ayia Napa - Night IV

Thanks bro. Yea, culture... Ayia Napa is a relatively expensive resort and all these girls were well-off hot Russian chicks who are used to be taken on dates in a fancy car to a fancy Moscow restaurant, for Caviar... they're not 3rd world girls. So maybe that's why I didn't close them on the first 3 nights.

But get this - the girl I did close - she agreed to meet me today and hit on girls for a 3some. You see, another one... we just talked about sex and she told me she has been with 2 other girls once, so I told her my 3some stories and methods and she agreed to try it with me. And she HARDLY speaks English, most of the communication between us in on google translate. Ridiculous... but she might back off, she seemed unsure. I'll know in a few hours. Will let you know how it went...

About luck, sure... but I think with these "tests" and if you really follow up on them and eject if you get a "red light" - you could minimize failure. For example if the girl doesn't want too drink - eject. Doesn't kiss - (even if she lets you do everything else) - eject. (but note that the girl that I DID close- also didn't let me kiss her until we were in my hotel room!!! so even that is not a sure red sign) cupping of ass, of tits, hands under skirt... if you get any red lights - to eject and find someone else.

The thing is that here it's possible to be in a new set within 3 minutes because there are so many girls here and I've became really good in eliciting invitations. Also almost every girl, as soon as I start dancing, will want to dance with me, only because I'm a good dancer. I go out dressed really nice, boots, buttoned shirt... and the other guys here go out in fucking flip flops and shorts. So right off the bat my rejection ratio here is ridiculous, maybe only one out of 4 girls I'd try to dance with will snob me.

I love 5-6 AM sex.... there's something dirty / romantic / cool / can't put it in words in getting to the room with a chick when there's already light outside.

And I'd like to add... in other places I do day game and numbers and "day2" etc but here I don't want to. It's a party heaven. I'm going out each night, trying to pull a SNL, and during the day I'm resting and writing posts. I need to go back 2-3 months and write the whole summer. I don't have power for all the rest, this dance-floor game is so much fun and relatively easy... shit, I'm totally addicted now.
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