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FYI...Israel Did 9/11
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FYI...Israel Did 9/11
-3,000+ dead American civilians

-6,000+ dead American soldiers

-50,000 wounded (many permanently disabled) soldiers

-1+ million dead civilians throughout the Middle East

-$5 trillion in debt

All in a war against "Islamic Terrorists" who never attacked us.

Watch and weep.
12-26-2015, 09:51 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
The theory that 911 was an inside job has become a lot more main stream over the last couple years - especially here in Europe.

The offical government version just seen to have too many holes .

Came across this article in an English paper a little while back ... was amazed ... but does make sense.

EXCLUSIVE: Moment Israeli commandos rescue Islamic militants in Syria
ISIS = Israel Secret Intelligent Service.

may just be a coincidence.
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12-27-2015, 05:04 PM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
Yea, it used to be if you questioned the official 9/11 were made out to be a kook. Now - the press doesn't even want to talk about it.

Teams of engineers, architects, etc..have come forward saying that nothing short of a controlled demolition could take those buildings down. It's just science...pure and simple.

When one grasps that Al-Quaeda (or radical Islam) was not the main perpetrator of 9/11, it leaves you with some earth-shattering realizations:

1. All the wars, and regime changes that followed were entirely unjustified. A MILLION Arab civilians were murdered.

2. The West has given up it's liberties - via the police state - in order to protect us from a threat that never existed.

3. Israel is a terrorist nation.

Mind blowing stuff.

If the public were ever to catch on to this en masse, there would be a revolution. Heads would roll in D.C, London, etc..

I hope that happens one day, but I'm not holding my breath.

P.S. That's a great read in the Daily Mail. Good to see that Israel's shenanigans are getting some coverage...
12-28-2015, 03:00 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
What science is that? All I see is a nutter in a paper hat.

Tell me something else though, how do you convince 4-5000 people that work in a building 5 days a week to keep quiet about the demolition cables, the constant drilling, the tons of explosives placed in the walls, the general 2 month effort it would take by 50 demolition experts to rig one building that size for demolition? Oh and then you have to get them to turn up to work the day a jet plane is being flown into the building before it explodes.

See, once you think it through, you realise how stupid all this conspiracy shit is. People worked there night and day. Someone would have noticed all the cables and sticks of explosives peaking out from the walls.

Yeah I remember that construction steel turns to liquid at 2.500 degrees. But if you switch on your brain for 4 seconds you could possibly fathom that steel starts bending at a lower temperature, and hence it's ability to keep hudreds of tons of building in place could possibly be more than marginally compromised.

But nope, I'm gonna go out on a limb here because everytime a building has collapsed in the past due to a fire, the goverment or the Juden had actually rigged the building to blow for some reason.

It's known to happen, buildings become unsave after there was a fire in them. Now, what if a 200 ton jet crashes into a building at 900 km/h. Might that make the building more or less stable to withstand the ensuing fire? Hmmmmm. I don't know. What do you think Ron?
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12-28-2015, 04:43 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
The WTC buildings were engineered to withstand a plane crash. They were the tallest buildings in the world at the time, and a plane flying into them was a viable concern. (FYI - building 7 wasn't even hit by a place yet still crumbled like a deck of cards).

This has been said time-and-time again, but jet fuel doesn't burn hot enough to melt steal beams...

What's more, multiple simultaneous explosions were witnessed on the LOWER floors of the WTC buildings.

As far as planting the demolitions without being noticed...

Don't be silly. There have been repair/maintenance crews going through those buildings every day since they were built. A CIA/Mossad operation could have easily worked under that cover without being disturbed.

9/11 was just finishing the job after their failed attempt in 1993. The necons and Zionist elements in America needed a cataclysmic event in order to get public support behind the wars they had planned. And they got it.

I know it's hard to accept this while being on Uncle Sam's pay roll, SB - but it's really a matter of connecting the dots.
12-28-2015, 05:09 AM
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Sexiback Offline

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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
Hehe, you're such an old fool mate.

Tell me, every building that collapsed in history due to a fire, was it mossads doing? Is it completely unthinkable to you, that a building collapses as a result of a fire? Yes, the buildings were 'designed' to withstand an impact by an aeroplane. Has something that was designed for a certain purpose in history, ever failed to deliver? As far as I remember the main issue was the fire proofing being compromised by the impact of the jet. I'm a scientist, I have no problem believing that a building hit by a jet at that speed, burns and collapsed. Actually, I told everyone who was watching the towers burn with me that they were going to collapsed. I predicted while it was happening that the plane that was hit lower into the building would go first. They were swaying heavily and they crumbled. And I didn't see anything that looked remotely like a controlled explosion.

Let's do this thing again about the steel. Try and really think this time. Do you know what forging is? You know... medieval times, where a guy beats a rod of metal with a hammer. The metal doesn't have to be melted eg. liquified for it to be shaped right? Actually, once it's liquified you can't shape it per se, all you can do is cast it, cool it off for it to solidify again. Now, if I'm standing on a metal rod that is being slowly heated up... will I be able to stand on this rod until the moment it liquifies... or will it actually simply bend under my weight sooner and drop me.. at a lower temperature. Think about it. Ah... see.

No one ever argued jet fuel burned hot enough to melt steel. It sure as shit burns hot enough to bend steel and thus make it unstable.

WTC 7 was hit by debris. If it was an inside job it makes no sense to blow up that building. There was also no power outage for 2 days prior to 9/11. It's just nonsense. Many people were up there on the Saturday and Sunday. Bin Laden praised the 9/11 attackers in more than one video. Now if you want to go on some rant about Bin Laden actually being a jew or being paid... that's another angle. Maybe you want to get on that one for bit.

No offence, but if you're going to put so much cognitive effort into convincing yourself of some bullshit..why not pick something that makes you feel good about yourself. Like you're the most interesting man in the world or ... I don't know. Believing some crazy old kook, whos got the crazy eyes and wears a paper hat with 2 crosses around his neck... and you're saying to me "don't be silly". What's going on with you man?

Dude...really. You ever been to the airport... and your get pulled aside because your bag has explosive residue on it? Like you left it in the back of a cab and previously fireworks had been transported or something? When you blow up two 400 meter tall buildings with tons of explosives... yeah, there would be residue. Not about the shape of iron molecules. No, there would be C4 or dynamite all over the crime scene, and there would be unexploded explosives, as there always are. Anyone who had been anywhere near the buildings would have set of every explosives scanner they went near.

I get it, you believe the jews blew up the building, with half of the world population watching on live TV. But I can't believe you actually believe that could be done without one piece of accidental evidence, such as an unexploded stick of explosives, wrapper from the explosive, cable, a piece of cement with a drill hole in, drill holes in the steel beams etc. that was ejected out the side of the building and not turned completely to dust. How do you detonate something anyway without causing a huge noise? That's a good one, because I certainly didn't hear any loud booms, nor did anyone else.

You got anything else? And the bit about easy to cover it up. You ever worked in a place where constant construction was going on, especially drilling? You probably haven't, but believe you me on this one, people do notice, and they sure as shit bitch and moan about it.

As far as I can tell this is a matter of following some nutter uncle with the wild eyes and a wilder beard in a paper hat. Can't quite bring myself to go there... yet.

Wow, look what I found. Some guy who also happens to have common sense.
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12-28-2015, 05:45 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
If I'm a fool, I'm a young one (younger than you anyhow).

"I'm a scientist" -SB

Hehe. You're a self-proclaimed "anesthesiologist". Structural engineering is a bit beyond your scope (and mine to be perfectly fair).

But honestly, the whole "nutter this" "nutter that" gets kind of tired. Basically, anyone who disagrees with you must be certifiable. *Yawn*

As for the guy in the "paper hat" (nice...mocking the dress of an orthodox priest), I referenced him because he's a jew - and therefore one can not accuse him of bias against Israel.

There are plenty of credible engineers and physicists who all agree that it was a demolition. If the subject interests you (which it obviously does), you ought to do due diligence and research it. I don't have the time to tutor you.

P.S Your whole steel bending argument is loony. There was MOLTEN steel pouring out of the building - and white smoke. Tell tale signs that thermite was used alongside demolitions.

12-28-2015, 07:34 AM
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007 Game Offline

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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
Idiot Nazis.

List of Victims from Sept. 11, 2001

Names of Jews who died in 9/11 attacks

List of World Trade Center Victims (not including plane crews or passengers)

Gordon M. Aamoth, Jr.
William F. Abrahamson
Jack Charles Aron
Joshua Aron
John P. Bergin
Alvin Bergsohn
Daniel Bergstein
William Bernstein
Florence G. Cohen
Kevin Sanford Cohen
Caleb Arron Dack
Carlos S. DaCosta
Margaret Ruth Echtermann
John Ernst Eichler
Eric Adam Eisenberg
Mark Joseph Ellis
Valerie Silver Ellis
Peter Adam Feidelberg
Alan D. Feinberg
Kristen Nicole Fiedel
Samuel Fields
John R. Fischer
Lucy A. Fishman
Brett Owen Freiman
Peter L. Freund
Arlene Eva Fried
Andrew Keith Friedman
Gregg J. Froehner
Steven Elliot Furman
Richard Samuel Federick Gabrielle
Gary Geidel
Paul Hamilton Geier
Julie M. Geis
Steven Paul Geller
Howard G. Gelling
Marina Romanovna Gertsberg
James G. Geyer
Brian Fredric Goldberg
Jeffrey Grant Goldflam
Michelle Goldstein
Monica Goldstein
Steven Goldstein
Michael Edward Gould
Elaine Myra Greenberg
Eileen Marsha Greenstein
Philip Haentzler
Nezam A. Hafiz
Timothy Aaron Haviland
Jeffrey A. Hersch
Thomas Hetzel
Marcia Hoffman
Stephen G. Hoffman
Frederick Joseph Hoffmann
Michele L. Hoffmann
Judith Florence Hofmiller
Thomas Warren Hohlweck, Jr.
Jonathan R. Hohmann
Aaron Horwitz
Thomas Edward Hynes
Walter G. Hynes
Abraham Nethanel Ilowitz
Aaron Jeremy Jacobs
Ariel Louis Jacobs
Jason Kyle Jacobs
Michael Grady Jacobs
Steven A. Jacobson
Albert Gunnia Joseph
Guylene Joseph
Ingeborg Joseph
Karl Henry Joseph
Stephen Joseph
Jane Eileen Josiah
Sheldon Robert Kanter
Deborah H. Kaplan
Alvin Peter Kappelmann, Jr.
Sarah Khan
Howard Barry Kirschbaum
Peter Anton Klein
Alan David Kleinberg
Karen Joyce Klitzman
Ronald Philip Kloepfer
Gary Edward Koecheler
Frank J. Koestner
Amy Hope Lamonsoff
Joseph Gerard Leavey
Neil Joseph Leavy
Leon Lebor
Alan J. Lederman
Stephen Paul Lefkowitz
Edward Joseph Lehman
Eric Andrew Lehrfeld
David Leistman
Matthew Gerard Leonard
Jeff Leveen
John Dennis Levi
Alisha Caren Levin
Neil David Levin
Robert Levine
Robert Michael Levine
Jerome Robert Lohez
Marie Lukas
Michael P. Lunden
Gary Frederick Lutnick
William Lutz
Simon Maddison Noell Maerz
Daniel L. Maher
Alfred Russell Maler
Raymond Meisenheimer
Stuart Todd Meltzer
Raymond Joseph Metz III
Jill Ann Metzler
David Robert Meyer
Ronald Keith Milstein
Nancy Morgenstern
Richard Todd Myhre
Robert B. Nagel
Martin S. Niederer
Alfonse Joseph Niedermeyer
Jeffrey Roger Nussbaum
Michael C. Opperman
Richard Allen Pearlman
Mark Rosen
Brooke David Rosenbaum
Linda Rosenbaum
Sheryl Lynn Rosenbaum
Lloyd Daniel Rosenberg
Mark Louis Rosenberg
Andrew Ira Rosenblum
Joshua M. Rosenblum
Joshua Alan Rosenthal
Richard David Rosenthal
Michael Craig Rothberg
Donna Marie Rothenberg
Ronald J. Ruben
Jude Safi
Wayne John Saloman
Nolbert Salomon
James Kenneth Samuel, Jr.
John Albert Schardt
John G. Scharf
Frederick Claude Scheffold, Jr.
Angela Susan Scheinberg
Scott Mitchell Schertzer
Sean Schielke
Steven Francis Schlag
Jon Schlissel
Karen Helene Schmidt
Ian Schneider
Thomas G. Schoales
Frank G. Schott, Jr.
Gerard Patrick Schrang
Jeffrey H. Schreier
John T. Schroeder
Susan Lee Schuler
Edward William Schunk
Mark E. Schurmeier
Clarin Shellie Schwartz
John Burkhart Schwartz
Mark Schwartz
Michael Herman Seaman
Gary Shamay
Kathryn Anne Shatzoff
Mark Shulman
Allan Abraham Shwartzstein
Johanna Sigmund
David Silver
Craig A. Silverstein
Arthur Simon
Kenneth Alan Simon
Michael J. Simon
Paul Joseph Simon
Marianne Teresa Simone
Barry Simowitz
Leonard J. Snyder, Jr.
Naomi Leah Solomon
Eric Thomas Steen
William R. Steiner
Alexander Steinman
Andrew Stern
Edward W. Straub
George J. Strauch, Jr.
Edward T. Strauss
Steven R. Strauss
Dorothy Pearl Temple
Stanley Temple
Gabriela Waisman
Jeffrey P. Walz
Michael T. Weinberg
Steven Weinberg
Scott Jeffrey Weingard
Steven George Weinstein
Simon Weiser
David M. Weiss
David Thomas Weiss
Mary Catherine Wieman
Jeffrey David Wiener
Michael Wittenstein
Ira Zaslow
Kenneth Albert Zelman
Abraham J. Zelmanowitz
12-28-2015, 11:22 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
^That site you linked too didn't mention anything about them being Jewish?

It's irrelevant anyway. I'm not talking about Jews - this is about Israel. So save your Nazi spiel..

4,000 Israelis worked in the WTC. Only 5 showed up for work that morning. (There's a Jerusalem Post article about this if you don't believe me.)

The odds of that are astronomical. They were warned.

12-28-2015, 11:36 AM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
I'm not gonna claim to know what really happened but I think it is very healthy to be critical of everything that is fed to us.

To those of you who do not, please explain why President Einsenhower would mention the industrial military complex in his outgoing message?

Apparently, Dulles tried to get him to retract this statement but props to Einsenhower to not. If I remember correctly, I think Dulles either headed or was part of the commission who handled JFK assassination.

I don't wanna comment too much more. @SpecialEd - you gotta watch out man with these opinions. I wouldn't be surprised if technology is so advanced now that just starting this thread has put you on some sorta watch list of all of us. Actually now that I think about it, yeah I agree with Bush and CNN/Fox. Muslims suck
Kaizen (Continuous Improvement) My personal journey of improving myself as a man and finding happiness
12-28-2015, 04:39 PM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
(12-28-2015, 04:39 PM)fucksong Wrote: I don't wanna comment too much more. @SpecialEd - you gotta watch out man with these opinions. I wouldn't be surprised if technology is so advanced now that just starting this thread has put you on some sorta watch list of all of us. Actually now that I think about it, yeah I agree with Bush and CNN/Fox. Muslims suck

Yea, it wouldn't surprise me either...

But I'm not going to censor myself in fear of Big Brother - thereby giving him even more power.

We have free speech still (or atleast the illusion of it). It's our expose these bastards.

That said, I do tend on expatriating in the very near future. I don't think America is going be a safe place to echo these sentiments in the long-run. Part of that is due to the complacency, and apathy of the citizens.

Your average joe sits idly as his freedoms are taken from him under false pretences. There should be outrage. But the people are more concerned with their gadgets than the fact a million Iraqis died in a war without justification - or the fact all their communications are being monitored.

America is rapidly going down the shit can. And honestly, while toxic elements like the Zionists have certainly contributed to that, Americans themselves are largely to blame.

"The only thing necessary for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing". ~Edmund Burke
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12-28-2015, 05:02 PM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
My self proclaimed degrees taught me to think critically. Something you're clearly having trouble to do Ed. I have no interest in any of this, but I find it to be bad form. I'll tell you why in a bit.

The 4000 jews thing is utter nonsense. Jewish people died in the WTC, roughly the same % of victims were jews as there are jews in NYC population. Look at the names. You just picked up some misunderstanding somewhere and never even bothered to google if it's true. It just ain't, sorry. You talk about due diligence... you go ahead then.

No one can explain the lack of physical evidence for an explosion, the lack of macro and microscopic explosive residue, therewas no sound of an explosion picked up by the hudreds of cameras and microphines directed at the building at the time of the collapse...don't tell me mossad can bend the physical laws of the universe and create a soundless explosion? You can't honestly believe they detonated charges by radio or cellnet when there's 1500 police and firemen all using their radios at the same time and every other person left in the building using their cellphone to call loved ones or 911. There had to be wires..wires all over and out of the building. Did you or anyone else see any? Nope? So you mean you can bring down two buildings creates millions of tons of rubble without leaving a shred of definitive incriminating evidence?

Thermite? Again... mate, just use google. Or your alternative non big brother search egine. About 20000 kg of thermite would be needed to burn through the collums on one floor. Are you saying Mossad... of course at night, drove a truck into the wtc, parked it in the elevator, rode up to the 90 something floor and then left it there for it's big day? It's simply ridiculous, all of it. If you weren't such an anti-semite you'd quickly realise.

At this stage I'm more inclined to believe a guy who claims to have been abducted by aliens than this controlled detonation story. Why not just leave it at the jews flew the planes into the WTC? The detonation part is a complicating addition to the story that makes it entirely unbelievable. The absence of any proof prooves it's false.

End of the day though this shit is just bad taste. And it's sad I have to be explaining this. There's people out there, 15-25 year old kids who have to listen to people like you yap on and on about how the goverment or Israel murdered their parents. How detached from society and reality do you have to become to not understand that it's hurtful when your loved ones died in a crime and people refuse to allocate blame appropriately. Summarily can't say I'm in the least surprised by this thread though, as so often it's lacking in common sense, general decency and empathy.

edit:'re pointing your finger at me for mocking a crazy old orthodox christian, while you're going on and on about jews day after day. There's absolutely no traction in that. I suppose at the end of the day you're just trolling with all of this, which doesn't make it any less sad.
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12-28-2015, 05:40 PM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
You're a verbose one, aren't you?

Again, I said 4,000 Israelis - not jews. Read it again.

I don't have a problem with jews (provider they're not Zionist fruitcakes ala 007).

What a pathetic manoeuvre trying to guilt-trip me about 9/11 victims...

I lost family friends in that attack. It happened in my country - not yours mr. Czech/swiss/whatever the hell you are.

I'm just as outraged by it as anyone. But I'm even more outraged by what followed. There was far more death and carnage post-911 (as spelled out above). 9/11 suited the interests - and foreign policy objectives - of some very powerful groups. You're an idiot if you can't grasp that.

Yes, blame should be allocated appropriately - to the true perpetrators. No, I don't believe a bunch of Afghan cave dwellers orchestrated 9/11. Nor do I believe those planes brought the WTC down. (A steel high-rise has never collapsed due to a fire. Look it up. )

What I find bad you trying to clamp down on discussion...and using shaming tactics to accomplish that.


A free society is built on the ability of the minority to questions the ways (or the madness) of the majority.

I'm not sure if you're a lonely internet troll looking to pick a fight. I don't really care. But from here on out, you'll go on my ignore list.
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12-28-2015, 06:20 PM
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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
These are all Jewish names. Israel is a country of only 7 million people. out of 3000 dead, now many should be Israelis? 300 would make 10%, 30 1%, so proportionally to the size of population 5 makes sense (and this number is also probably not true). What do you think happened, all Israelis working there received an email from our secret service not to show up that day?

The stupidity of these people never stops to amaze me.
12-28-2015, 07:58 PM
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Sexiback Offline

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RE: FYI...Israel Did 9/11
Whatever son. I give you this, you're pretty good at covering up how batshit crazy you actually are. Initially you come of rather leveled...but not lately, nope. I've dealt with psychotic and schizophrenic people in the past. And it always starts with this sort of thing. So if you start up with this kind of stuff over dinner... people will think you're not quite right in the head. You're not in good company. Look at the guy from the youtube link you posted. He's deranged. I bet if I look at his other videos he will be blaming Israel for Paris attacks, for JFK murder etc.
That is a crazy person if I've ever seen one. The fact that you can't take one look and come to the same conclusion doesn't bode well for you.

None of your claims are remotely accurate. No investigative comission, civil, federal, state, local ever found physical evidence for explosive being present during the collapse. These 4000s jews or israelis don't exist. No large group of people did not show up for work that day. A troll made it up. And 15 years later people are still repeating the same lie. Doesn't make you enilightened, it just makes you a liar, because by now, you must have heard it's not true. There was no power outage the days before. There were no trucks laden with tons of explosives driving in and out of the towers. There was no explosion heard or detected during the collapse. Why? Because there was no explosion. Every expert comission from structural engineers came to the conclusion the buildings collapsed. Boohaha.

I'm not picking a fight. Just stating facts. Deal with it son.
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12-28-2015, 07:58 PM
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