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Where to go in Colombia
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Where to go in Colombia
Will visit Colombia in a few months

Where to go to pick up hot chicks? Where are the easiest girls in colombia?

Which dating sites can you recommend?

Anything I should be aware off?

Looking forward to your recommendations
01-16-2016, 12:51 AM
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RE: Where to go in Colombia
Id pick the coast (based in Barranquilla) for a first time visitor. Lots of DHV in Barranquilla along with hot fun girls. You can take a short bus to visit the historic city of Cartagena. Then another day you can take a short bus to check out the scenic town of Santa Marta which will have many backpackers from all over. Then you can also check out Parque Tayrona which is has some beautiful beaches and a nice little hike through the woods. You can get some pick pics if you walk along the mountain / hill in Santa Marta or maybe its the near by hippie town of Taganga. Can also hit up the local beach of Rodadero. While in Cartagena you can check out the clubs and bars in the walled city and the road right outside. Then hop in a cab and go to the area around the hooker hang out called La Dulce Vida.

Id spend 1 day and night in Cartagena. Id spend 2 days max in Santa Marta (no need to spend the night). And the rest of my time in Barranquilla.

Search Colombia on here. I have data sheets for all of those cities.

ps. def learn some basic spanish. atleast the top 200 most common words with basic verb conjugation. wont take long

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01-16-2016, 03:08 AM
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RE: Where to go in Colombia
Colombia is really a cool region to have fun with your beloved once. I think you will go there with your Girl friend to have fun then I must say take her to Tayrona National Natural Park that is protected coastline and seems attractive due to its backed by mountains. I am sure it will be fun time for you to spend some time with her in ideal location.
02-29-2016, 05:29 PM
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