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Dash coin: a good investment?
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RE: Dash coin: a good investment?
Haha this thread is funny to see a few months later

Quote:ETH was a good investment. It was $5 last month, now it's at $50?

Lots of people made some good coin, but it'll probably crash in the next few days.


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08-18-2017, 12:38 AM
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RE: Dash coin: a good investment?
Hey guys, long time no speak.  All you guys must be BALLIN hard nowadays.  Congrats!

The reason I came back on here was to get a sense of what it's like from investor standpoint as I've been working on a music festival startup and am considering doing an ICO (initial coin offering) to raise capital to help the artists.  As JJ mentioned earlier in thread, a lot of cryptos are a gamble (and truthfully, traditional metrics do NOT MAKE ANY SENSE at all, even venture capitalists who have gambling metrics themselves don't understand cryptos) Ironically, the VC venture capital industry that is used to disrupting entire industries are now being disrupted themselves as ICOs are an existential threat to a VC.  I've attached some pictures of a seminar presentation I attended the other week.  Hopefully this helps some of you when doing your due diligence on any crypto.

EDIT: Looks like you can't upload pics anymore so here's the link to the presentation.  The synopsis is on page 55 of what to look for.

Depending on when you see this post, she might've updated her slide so the name of the slide I'm referring to is: 13 Things To Look For In A Token Project
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