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How to build a your own crypto currency ETF
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How to build a your own crypto currency ETF
With crypto currencies likely to dis-loge gold in the coming decades as a safe store of value, building your own index fund / ETF of crypto currencies is going to be an important investment

To put things into perspective, for bitcoin to reach the same value as all the above ground gold in the world the price of bitcoin has to go to $500,000 per bitcoin

If gold holders divest just 1% into Bitcoin, the price of one bitcoin would be $5,000

And as bitcoin is about 50% of the market-cap of all crypto currencies, I think you  get the idea

Anyway, there was a failed attempt (SEC didn't approve it) for the creation of a bitcoin ETF but this thread is about how to make your own cypto currencies index fund using a spread of several cryptos

Post you own suggestions for how the balance it between solid plays (BTC and ETH for example) and more speculative plays like Zcash and Dash

Here is my suggestion for a balance :

50% ETH or BTC (depending on which one you like the most)
35% ETH or BTC (your second favourite here)
15% Mix of all the others. iconomi, zcash, ripple etc - pick 4 or 5 of your favourite small cap coins here and put an equal amount into all of them


PS For bitcoin to reach the same value as all the above ground silver in the world the price of bitcoin need to be $2,588 ... which is exactly where it is at right now Wink
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05-26-2017, 10:43 PM
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RE: How to build a your own crypto currency ETF
Do you have an opinion on what countries the currency comes from? For example, many ICOs specifically do NOT want investors from US or China due to heavy regulation whereas other countries such as Japan have been more welcoming. Hell, one of their smaller cities has an official currency that is a crypto.

On completely diff note, I've actually been learning how to write code to develop a blockchain project and a few developers hate Ethereum and think other programming languages such as Elixir would be more performant.
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