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I just got the nintendo switch (for free) and it's fucking awesome
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I just got the nintendo switch (for free) and it's fucking awesome
This is the first time I have bought a console for 20 years so I am not your typical gaming nut.

Also I travel and live all over the world. Have traveled and lived in everywhere from the Caribbean, south america, SE asia, China and eastern Europe in the last 10 years so it's not convenient to lug around something the size of a playstation or an xbox.

Anyway I delayed buying a switch but the release of super mario odyssey this week meant I can delay no more.

I got mine a week ago and it's AMAZINGLY GOOD.

Along with the switch I also bought the following games - Zelda, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Arms and I will pick up my copy of mario odyssey on Friday when it comes out.

The hardware looks and feels really solid and the way it transforms not just from handheld to home console is really impressive but clipping on the wrist straps and using the motion controllers is great too. Nintendo have learned a lot from the motion controllers of the Wii and the tech built into the joycon system is very impressive.

GF tried it out and the only thing she complained about was that it was too addictive. Mario Kart and Arms both have her hooked as well as Just Dance (demo) which brings me onto the next thing.

The eStore. You don't even have to go to the mall when you want to buy a game because the eStore is right there on the home screen. You can even pre-order games that are not out yet and they will just start downloading in the background the moment they are released.

Not only can you buy and download games right away but you can also download the demo version of a bunch of games and play those for free.

(Tip: If games are expensive in your region you can change the region of your nintendo account to a cheaper region and buy them there).

All 4 games that I bought already have software updates that I downloaded not for bug fixes but mostly to add extra things to to games like new weapons on splatoon or new karts and power ups on mario kart so developers keep improving the game even after you bought it. Firmware of the switch itself is already up to 4.0 so they keep improving the console and the Netflix app for the switch is rumoured to coming out soon too.

I hooked this thing up to a flat screen the other day and the level of graphics and detail is unreal for a system so small. Special props to nVidia for their unique custom made chip which powers every switch.

As for how I got all this gear for free? Soon as I saw the mario odyssey preview videos on youtube a while ago I knew I could get a switch for free simply by buying nintendo shares months ahead of the mario launch and holding onto them until the game came out and as you can see here it was a good call. Shares are up about 80% since 1st Jan and when the Netflix deal is announced I would expect another boost in share price as well as, of course, the Christmas sales period.

The first reviews of mario odyssey are in and even on EDGE it managed to get a perfect score making it the only the 20th 10/10 game in the publication's 24-year history. EDGE is nearly always hard on games typically giving game lower scores that other publications as they are notoriously hard to please.

Anyway I love this thing - totally recommended.
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