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Slavic countries
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Slavic countries
Hi guys,

Since 3 years ago and guided by this post from Mark, I visited the following countries (from a few to 10 days): 

- Czech Republic: about 10 cities visited
- Poland: Warsaw
- Slovakia: only 1 afternoon in Bratislava, not enough sample
- Romania: Bucharest (I know Romania nor Moldavia are slavic)
- Moldavia: Chisinau
- Transnistria: only spent 1 day in Tiraspol
- Estonia: Tallinn, Tartu, Narva
- Latvia: Riga
- Lithuania: Vilnius, Kaunas
- Ukraine: Lviv, Odessa, Kiev.

I have not yet been to Croatia, Serbia, Russia, but my opinions are the following so far (generalizations): 

- Slavic women have great faces, eyes and legs.
- Polish women have the biggest boobs

- Ukraine have the most beautiful women: I can now say that I agree with the hype
- Estonia have the most beautiful women from the baltics (based on my tastes)

So far my favorites were: 

- Czech Republic (friendly people)
- Poland (beautiful women, friendliest people, best experience overall, vibrance of Warsaw)
- Estonia (beautiful women, history, architecture, nature, food)
- Latvia (Riga is special, history, food, culture, forest)
- Ukraine (beautiful women, culture, vibrance of Kiev)

My worst experience so far was Bucharest (too much tourism)

So far, from my European exploration, the women I was attracted the most to were:
- Netherlands
- Poland
- Estonia
- Sweden
- Ukraine

I have to say that I really slavic culture for the little I know and understand. I like the vibe and the pride in their history. I love history, 2nd world war, cold war, etc. so I always learn a lot. Also their food reminds me of my grandmother's food. From my experience, I find that the traditional values of these countries make the people quite down-to-earth, something that I appreciate. 

Something quite obvious that I'm finding is that the longer you stay, the more you appreciate a country. I'm looking forward to explore more as the more I travel in Europe, the more I have reference points to understand more cultures, mine included.

If you have some pointers for me to know more about slavic culture, let me know!
04-10-2018, 01:50 AM
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RE: Slavic countries
Thanks for reporting back!

Interesting observations.
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04-19-2018, 06:43 PM
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